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Sumdum Comfort and Amenities

Accommodations for nine guests with four staterooms and two full guest baths.

An on-board television permits instant video playback of events filmed during the day.

Satellite telephone enables contact with the outside world for emergency or business purposes. Central hot water creates a thermostatic controlled temperature for comfort in all living areas. A hot tub in the after deck provides a remarkable experience during quiet cove anchorages surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

Unmatched Comfort

The Sumdum is not simply a yacht designed for sunnier climes, later to be transported to Alaska. Rather, it is engineered for comfort in a climate subject to rapid and unexpected changes and for the negotiation of the demanding waters in this region.

Our unusual name

Sumdum, has intriguing origins in one of Southeast Alaska’s most beautiful, rarely visited regions, Endicott Arm, site of the abandoned Tlingit village of Sumdum. Over one hundred years ago, John Muir visited this village on a trip that resulted in the discovery of Glacier Bay. Awed by a grandeur that silenced even the Indians of the region, Muir wrote eloquently about several “first-class glaciers,” the luxurious vegetation, purest blue icebergs, numerous couloirs, and greatest array of sheer cliffs and waterfalls he had ever beheld in Alaska. Unlike many once remarkable areas, the magnificence of the Sumdum region has endured. John Muir’s journal could have been written yesterday.

Mt. Sumdum and Sumdum Glacier

Captain & Crew

Ann Widness
Chef • 100 Ton Master
Capt. Robert D Widness
Master • 1600 Ton
Treva Widness
Mate • Deckhand

We pride ourselves in being an all Alaskan crew having spent a lifetime living and loving Alaska. We share with our guests our enthusiasm for this amazing wilderness.


Along with fresh provisions stocked for every excursion, meals are planned around the catch of the day. We further customize our meals around client requests and diet restrictions. Premium wines from around the world and a well-stocked bar offers a range of beverage choices.